10 of the best throwback threads in Hip Hop

1. Tommy Hilfiger

One of the most iconic images of Aaliyah has to be her in the Tommy Hilfiger tube top, along with 00's RnB queens Destiny's Child these ladies looked fly in head to toe Hilfiger. Whilst Snoop, Q-tip and more recently A$AP don't look as hot - they still look dope!

Check out Frankie's Collective here for tonnes of vintage sportswear.

2. Adidas

Superstar shelltoes are constantly hailed as the best adidas trainer ever produced but when it comes to Hip hop culture the Adidas shelltoes stunts on all other sneaker. Shelltoes have had a recent comeback but if it wasn't for trendsetters and Hip Hop legend's Run DMC back in the day flexing with full Adidas tracksuit and trainers these may have never seen a revival! 

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3. Phat Farm

Phat farm not Fat farm!! Def Jams Russell Simmons wasn’t just racking stacks in music, he brought us one of the best Hip hop brands to date thus why he’s loved so much in our culture. Preppy style met street style and finally suburbia had something it could finally link to Hip hop culture, Argyle sweaters. Russ even gave us Baby Phat headed by his then wife, Kimora Lee Simmons. We don’t see to much Phat Farm around anymore so we pour some liquor out for this fallen brand and say Rest in peace.


Remember FUBU? There was a time when if you weren’t about over sized everything then you weren’t fit enough to be called “Hip hop”. FUBU made it a personal mission to make oversized accessible and DAMN did we all feel like LL Cool J for a hot second. FUBU even had Nsync looking fly but we call this the fall of FUBU as we began seeing our favourite brand in suburbia. I guess we know why people felt so strongly about the infamous acronym For Us By Us ;-)

More recently FUBU and Versace have collaborated to bring one of the most iconic Hip hop brands back to life and it bangs!

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5. Jerseys

Yankees, Raiders, FUBU, Bulls, Lakers to name but a few, these are some of the, sometimes ridiculously, oversized jerseys groups like Wu Tang and NWA would wear. It didn't matter what team you supported or weather you knew what state your jersey was from, all that mattered is you had a jersey. Wanna feel gangster for the day? Grab some homies, throw some bandanas & gold chains on and you got yourself a Hip Hop super group!

Check ASOS's Men's NY jersey here.

6. Cross Colours

Cross Colours - Have you ever seen such a colourful era of music? The likes of TLC, Fresh Prince & Jazzy Jeff and Salt n Pepa could always be seen decked out in a wild combination of colours. This was possibly the easiest way to go on holiday, these colours made it Miami in Chicago and LA in Detroit. Probably the most fun look of the 90s and easily replicable. 

Check House of Jam for an abundance of throwback 90s colour.

7. B-Boy

Skinny jeans, roll necks and flat caps defined the late 80s, early 90's era of Hip Hop dress. You'd certainly catch LL Cool J and Run DMC supporting this look back in the day. Have a look in your wardrobe and see what you can dig out to flex this style. You may want to make sure you know at least one b-boy dance move to go with your look. 

8. Gold Rope Chains & Kangol Hats

As sported here by Eric B & Rakim, Gold chains quickly became a defining image of hip hop ideology. Easy to customise and often worn as a very public display of wealth, rappers have continued to rock the gold chain to this day. Nothing completed the gold chain look like a Kangol Hat. The UK brand made it big back in the 90's thanks to the likes of LL Cool J, Run DMC and Biggie who wore the famous Kangol 504 flat cap. One of the most notable symbols of 90s Hip Hop the Kangol hat is an easy find so cop one yourself here!

If you can afford the real deal then big up you, if not most fancy dress shops will stock a chain or two.

9. African Pride

Hip Hop wasn't just a genre it was a culture and some of the biggest names in the 90's were ready to make a statement. The likes of Queen Latifah, Salt N Pepa, and X Clan all wore prominent African prints and jewellery. To rock this look yourself be creative!

10. Baggy Plaid Shirt

Oversized seemed to be the theme of the 90's with Dre, Snoop and TLC all kitted out with these plaid shirts. Whether its baggy trousers, tracksuits, jerseys,  t-shirts to the knees this look is a sure fire winner. 

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Posted on February 6, 2016 .