Naughty by Nature need your help to celebrate their 25th Anniversary

Get ready to feel super old as you realise that Naughty by Nature’s timeless 1991 hit “O.P.P”, and their accompanying critically acclaimed self-titled album are 25 years old this year.

Treach, Vin Rock and Kay Gee have announced that they want to celebrate 25 years in the business in the best way they can, launching a Kickstarter fund to raise cash to create a new record.

With 26 days to go, the trio have asked for fans to support them in raising a whopping $100,000 by the end of the month.

But Kickstarter is of course no stranger to the world of hip hop and R&B with the likes of TLC and De La Soul previously launching their own campaigns via the site to fund new LPs. Since both groups managed to raise over $400,000 each, Naughty By Nature’s monetary goal doesn’t seem too far out of reach.

“What this campaign is about is just the celebration of our 25 years in the music industry. We’re inviting you to celebrate with us,” the group said in a statement. “Kickstarter is a sign of the times…we felt like this would be the perfect time to [release] new music but we needed support from the fans. We wanted to see if they really wanted the new album. Now that we’re veterans, we can go directly to the fans.”

The campaign is perfect for Naughty superfans, with the group offering a long string of rewards as an incentive to make a pledge. The more you pledge, the closer you get to the trio themselves, with rewards such as a dinner party with the guys, joining them on stage, a tattoo session with Treach, a pool party or even the chance to star in a music video up for grabs.

The group are also releasing limited edition merch including jackets, tees and headwear along with special vinyl pressings of their original album as part of the campaign.

This year is gonna be a big one for Naughty by Nature, so get donating fast if after all this time you’re still down with O.P.P!

Posted on February 3, 2016 and filed under News.