Is the long-awaited DOOMStarks project finally about to drop?


Despite promise after promise over the years, sadly nothing in the form of a full-length collab from legendary Wu-Tang veteran Ghostface Killah and superhero spitter and beat master MF Doom has ever materialised. Yet it now seems like 2016 might just be our lucky year, with Ghostface causing a stir on social media last night after posting a teaser image of the pair, designed by Digital Death & Grime, on his official Facebook page. Could this image be the cover art for their upcoming project?

Though we were all itching for a 2015 release of the tentatively titled ‘DOOMStarks’ that never actually came about, Ghostface got fans’ anticipation brewing once again late last year when he hinted at a February release for his long-awaited project with Doom in his interview with Let’s Link Radio.

"I talked to [MF] DOOM’s people. DOOM is ready now…so, he said he wants to drop that [album] in February.” Ghostface promisingly told the radio back in December.

The pair surely aren’t about to toy with our emotions yet again… it’s time to brace yourselves and watch this space over the next few weeks for what is inevitably going to be one of the most badass releases this year.

For now, why not refresh your ears and get yourself pumped for what’s to come with the mighty duo’s only previous DOOMStarks release, the 2011 track “Victory Laps”:

Posted on February 16, 2016 .