When Kendrick met the President!

Image via Top Dawg Entertainment

Image via Top Dawg Entertainment

Back in October, Kendrick Lamar chilled with Obama at the White House, it has only now been revealed that they were chillin' at the oval office, and not chillin' at all. They talked about current affairs, troubled communities and the major impact a mentor can have on a young person without proper guidance in life.

“I look where I’m at today and realise that most of my success is owed to the mentors that [were] in my life,” he said. “I sat down with President Barack Obama and shared the same views, topics concerning the inner cities: the problem, the solutions, and furthermore, embracing the youth, both being aware that mentoring saves lives.”

A couple months after their conversation, President Obama said that Lamar’s “How Much A Dollar Cost” was his favourite song of 2015.

Watch the teaser about the interview below...

Posted on January 12, 2016 .