Throwback to when David Bowie criticizes MTV for not playing videos by black artists (1983)

Bowie "There seem to be a lot of black artists making very good videos that I'm surprised aren't being used on MTV."

Goodman "We have to try and do what we think not only what New York and Los Angeles will appreciate, but also Poughkeepsie or the Midwest," 

"Pick some town in the Midwest which would be scared to death by ... a string of black faces, or black music. We have to play music we think an entire country is going to like, and certainly we're a rock and roll station."

Bowie "Don't you think it's a frightening predicament to be in?"

Goodman "Yeah, but no less so here than in radio,"

Bowie "Don't say, 'Well, it's not me, it's them.' Is it not possible it should be a conviction of the station and of the radio stations to be fair ... to make the media more integrated?"

Watch the full interview below, big up Bowie! 

Posted on January 12, 2016 .