Intent on helping to develop local talent whereever we go, the Applebum crew are looking to add to our killer roster of resident DJs by adding a Student Resident DJ in every Applebum party city in the U.K. 
As the Student Resident DJ you'll be tasked with the important job of "warming up" the room.
The art of the warm up is a key skill and crucial to the flow of any Applebum event, setting the tone for the night, showcasing the sound of Applebum, past, present and future, whilst avoiding peak time bangers that will follow later in the night. 
If you're an up and coming DJ in an Applebum party city and keen to develop your skills with one of the dopest crews around, then follow the details below and enter you #ApplebumWarmupMix


Upload a 60 minute mini showcasing your skills as a Hip Hop and R&B DJ. Ideally this mix will include a diverse mix of Hip Hop and RnB from old school to new, if its recorded live...even better! Try and pack you mix with as many tracks as possible and remember, this is a "Warmup Mix" so make sure you set the tone and build to vibe. #ApplebumWarmupMix

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1) Name
Must be uploaded to and must be tagged "APPLEBUM DJ SEARCH"
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It's important that all mixtapes include tracklisting and are uploaded to and tag it #ApplebumWarmupMix